Shoot Again
Istalling new switches into a Wulitzer 3600 "Super Star"

Project Background: While trying to restore a Wulitzer 3600 Super Star, I ran into a problem replacing the XXXXXX switches on the scan arm. The Original switch (Model V4-84) was manufatured by Micro, witch is a division of Honeywell. I tried finding infomation on the internet, but I couldn't find anything relevant. A search of Google news game up with a few other people with simaller problems, that managed to just fit something that woked in. Athough I did find this information, and sugjested fixes I was still unhappy with most of the information I found. I decided to try and document this project in hopes that it would help others easily find a replacement switch and install it.
     First thing I did was contact Honeywell. I talked to a representative from their switching and sensing branch, Who actually remembered building the "ole V4 Series."
     "that's been out of production for close to 25 years" (1979)
     The the Rep was actually very helpfull and recomended I contact Cherry. They are the only ones that still make a switch that actuates the way the V4 does.
     Cherry was a little less than helpfull. I sent them an email stateing that I needed something that I could use to replace the Micro V4. I gave them all the information I could find on the switch, current and voltage specs as well as the dimentions. Even told them what the switch was used in. A few days later I got an email back from them.
Our Culprit - the 3600 Super Star

     "The "V4" series is close to our "Low Torque" E51/E53 series only theirs was a little smaller in size. I have attached the web link of our series for you to review and match up as close to your switch. If you see something you can use, please fill out the "Request a Sample" feature and we'll send you one."

     Useing Cherry's online request form, I requested a sample. I gave them all the same infomation as the last time. A few days later I got an email from Cherry again.

     "Jeff, These switches are not rated for DC loads. You should go back to Wurlitzer to purchase the correct part. I have attached the web links of the two products you mentioned for you to review"

     Go to Wulitzer to purchase the part. Wow! Why didn't I think of that!?

     I wrote Cherry back saying that I was not worried about the DC rating, I have done some research and found many people with this same problem have used "Whatever they had laying around" as replacements without a problem. I wish I could go back to Wurlitzer and purchase the correct part, that would be less aggravating and time consuming. Unfortunately this switch, as well as the entire design for the record mechanism, was discontinued around 1975.

     That day I got a call from the Cherry Sales Rep. Asking me all the questions I had previously answered. Current in the curcuit, voltage, how it was mounted.... you name it he asked. Unfortunatly every time I mentioned useing one of the switches I had picked out the rep had and a quick answer why that particular switch could not be used for my aplication. After a good half hour or so of a conversation witch basically consisted of me saying "how about" and him saying "no," the rep finally told me if I wanted one of the switches I could buy them from my local Cherry Distributer.

     Well, so much for the free sample I should request. So I ordered one of two switches I had picked out from Digi-Key. I chose the switch that actuated the same way as the original, with the longest trip wire, this way I had some extra length to work with.


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