Shoot Again Amusements
Shoot Again Amusements



Board Repair: We repair so many different boards that it’s hard to list them all. Contact Us with your board repair needs.

As-is games sales: Sometimes we sell un-restored games. They are often game we picked up for any number of reasons but decided not to restore. These games are sold as-is with no warrantees. We do not offer service these. Please see our For Sale page to see if we have any un-restored as-is games available.

Restored Game Sales: Restored games are sold working and with a warrantee. Please see our For Sale page to see if we have any restorations available.

Parts Sales: We have many different parts for many different machines for sale, please visit our eBay store to see all the parts we have available.

Junk Game Removal: Have a game you want to dispose of? Typically most cities and down do not take coin op games at curbside pick-up. They are usually considered “Hazardous Waste” or “Commercial waste” and will charge you anywhere from $25.00 to Hundreds of dollars to remove these. We will take these free of charge and often recycle parts of them to restore other games. Please Contact Us for junk machine removal.


Q: Do you still do “on location” service calls?
A: Unfortunately No, We are no longer on the road doing service calls. After the birth of my daughter, leaving home and going out at night to service games just wasn’t a priority anymore. We still restore games here at our shop and still offer board repair for certain makes and models. As always we service what we sell, but our days of service calls are behind us for now.

Q: What exactly does “service what we sell” mean?
A: Simple. If you bought a restored machine from us, we will still make service calls to your location to take care of any problems you may have. If you bought a machine from someone other than us, we will not come to service for your machine.

Q: I bought a game from you a few years ago and something broke! What do I do? Will you still fix my game.
A: Yes…. We will service you machine. Please Contact Us.

Q: Do you still take in boards for repair?
A: Yes, but it depends on what it is. We are always taking Gottlieb Pinball System 80 Driver Board and Bally Pinball AS-2518-23 Lamp Driver Boards. For all board repair please Contact Us.

Q: Didn't you offer some kind of board trade in program at one time?"
A:We no longer offer out trade in program. Years ago we did have a program where you could send us your non-working, Gottlieb Pinball System 80 Driver Board or Bally Pinball AS-2518-23 Lamp Driver Boards (Plus a fee) and we would send you back a fully working, tested, and when necessary an upgraded board. But now so many companies offer aftermarket boards for such a low cost the demand for this service disappeared.

Q: Can you fix my Playstation as well?
A: No, we do not repair home electronics such as home video game systems, TV's, VCR's, DVD Players, and Appliances. We specialize in commercial arcade and coin operated equipment. Beware of repair shops, doctors, wizards, and magicians that repair anything and everything electronic. Shops like these usually don't have the knowledge and skill that are built form years of specialty in the repair of coin op equipment.

Q: I have a machine for sale, do you buy games?
A: Yes! We are always looking for games to buy, and if we are not interested in your machine we are part of a network of other people who buy, sell, trade, repair, and restore machines. So we always know people who are looking to buy. Contact Us with the game name, manufacturer and price.

Q: I have an old game that is broken and is missing lost of parts. My trash pick up in my town will not take it and wants to charge me to get rid of this thing. Will you take it?
A: Yes, just because it is broken or missing parts, does not mean we won’t have a use for anything that may be left. Please Contact Us to schedule a pick-up.

Q: Is this your full time Job?
A: No, Unfortunately I have a day job. Although I wish I could do this everyday instead. I work for a company that designs and manufactures Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Fork Trucks.

Q: I have a (Insert name of game here) I would like fixed, can I drop it off at you shop?
A: No. We currently don’t have enough room for all the games we are working on.

Q: I have an old jukebox that runs on tubes, can you repair my machine if a tube goes bad or am I out of luck?
A: Actually you are in luck, we can get pretty much any vacuum tube for jukeboxes and even those rare arcade games that ran on tubes as well (Like Seeburg's Shoot the bear.) We also own the equipment to test tubes and check their overall heath.

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Last Update: 07/05/2017