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Here a preveiw of what's waiting for our attention.

Bally Twilight Zone Repair
1993 Williams "Twilight Zone"

I bought this Twilight Zone for my personal collection from a local operator. This machine has the typical "reset" problem, but otherwise works well. Aside from repairing the "reset" problem I plan to fully shop this machine, install new ultra bright LED's to illuminate the clock, and install PinGizmo's "Third Magnet Kit."

1982 Gottlieb "Haunted House"

It's amazing how some games just come together. DogHouse Pinball and I stumbled across a local collector that wanted to sell off his collection of unwanted parts. Some of the items we acquired included a head and backglass for a Haunted House, A head and backglass for a Black Hole, upper and lower Playfields for a Haunted House, and Upper and lower playfields for a Black Hole. There were many other useful parts as well. Then one day I found a Haunted House cabinet on eBay. I put in a reasonable bid, and as luck may have it, I won it. Now having all the parts to make it complete, I plan on putting them all together to make one perfect machine!


Midway Haunted House Rifle Game
1972 Midway "Haunted House"

Midway's Haunted House is one of my personal favorite rifle games. I had been looking for one of these for a while, and a good friend and fellow collector was lucky enough to find one. Only problem was that his was missing the "Motor Speed Control" board, his machine had been hot-wired to work without this part. He placed an add in Gameroom Magazine, and got a call from a fellow in Kentucky that not only had the board he was looking for, but the whole machine, and he was willing to sell it all for $100.00! Needless to say we had the machine shipped up here, I gave my friend the board, and I took the rest. Months later I found the board on eBay. After I put the machine back together, I plan on rebuilding all the mechanics, and repainting the cabinet, witch someone spray painted black.

198X Atari "Tempest"

During my time working at Canobie Lake Park, The monitor in their Tempest had died. I tried to fix it, but found that I needed to order a "Cap Kit" to repair the monitor. Unfortunately the park had all these weird rules about how and where to order parts from. I couldn't get the parts to fix it and since it couldn't be fixed, they told me to "Break it up." At witch point I asked one of the owners if I could Have it. They agreed, but I would have to take out all the other parts that could be use to fix other games. So I had to leave them the Marquee' Florescent lamp, speaker, coin door, coin box, power supply, and the button from the control panel. A monitor "cap kit" and all the previously mentioned parts are all this machine should need.


1979 Atari "Asteroids"

Sold to me because the previous owners were moving and did not want to "lug it around" with them. This Asteroids sat on their sun porch since 1982! The logic boards need some work, and the monitor needs to be rebuilt. There is a fair amount of cosmetic work that will need to be done as well.

1980 Bally "Xenon"

I bought this Xenon as a project machine from another collector, The main board had been destroyed by leaking battery acid, so the previous owner trashed the board. This machine need a new MPU, and a new "Tube" light strip. It will also need to be fully shopped.


199X Sega "Out Run"

Another one of my favorites, I bought this for myself at a local auction. It's was actually a Turbo Out Run, But I'm going to convert it back to Out Run. The monitor, and steering controls need to be rebuilt but the game is fine Cosmetically.

198X Bally/Midway "Tron"

Once Part of the Kim Lipman Collection, this machine was sold because of lack of space at her new house. This machine needs some work on the logic boards, as well as a new monitor and new side art.


Gottlieb Spider Man
1980 Gottlieb "Spider Man"

When I first acquired this machine it was totally dead. Upon my initial investigation, I found that it had a blown main fuse, I replaced the fuse and the machine came to life. Aside from needing to be shopped, this machine will need the usual PinballHQ modifications to make it run trouble free.

Standard "Metal Typer"

Once belonging to The Hampton Beach Fun-a-rama, this Standard Metal Typer needs to be completely rebuilt.


197X Midway "Galaxian"

This Galaxian sat for years in a garage only about a mile from where I lived as a child. The monitor is completely dead and will need to be rebuilt, The logic boards are not working, and the cosmetics need to be touched up.

1979 Midway "Space Invaders"

"The Twins." I found these for sale locally on eBay. one has a dead monitor, non-working logic boards, and needs cosmetics work. The other Has a working monitor, looks good cosmetically, but also has non-working logic boards.


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