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Genco Gypsy Grandma
1957 Genco "Gypsy Grandma" Fortune Teller
Started: September 2001
Scheduled to be finished: September 2003

This classic fortuneteller is being restored for the Fun-a-Rama Arcade at Hampton Beach. Put in storage years ago, time was not kind to grandma. The top cover is missing and most of the glass is broken. I am currently in the process of locating a replacement cover for the top and finding a way to create the decals that were once on the glass. Most of Grandmas animation is not working due to many missing, broken, and worn parts. Plus over 40 years of grease building up and being exposed to extreme hot and cold weather, the grease has turned into a very sticky mess. I am currently in the process of cleaning the sticky grease off every part of her animation mechanics

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"1979 Midway "Galaxian"
Started: August 2004
Scheduled to be finished:January 2005

This Galaxian sat for years in a garage only about a mile from where I lived as a child. The monitor is completely dead and will need to be rebuilt, The logic boards are not working, and the cosmetics need to be touched up.

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Bally Odds and Evens
1971 Bally "Odds and evens"
Started : January 2005
Scheduled to be finished: June 2005

This Bally Odds and Evens is in for a complete restoration. Found along the side of the road by the customer, this machine was missing the legs and and all hardware to properly set it up. Upon further inspection I found that all the wire connectors from the body to the head had been cut off. I started the restoration by repairing all the cut wires and restoring power from the body to the head.

198? Atari "Tempest"
Started: August 2004
Scheduled to be finished: March 2005

During my time working at Canobie Lake Park, The monitor in their Tempest had died. I tried to fix it, but found that I needed to order a "Cap Kit" to repair the monitor. Unfortunately the park had all these weird rules about how and where to order parts from. I couldn't get the parts to fix it and since it couldn't be fixed, they told me to "Break it up." At witch point I asked one of the owners if I could Have it. They agreed, but I would have to take out all the other parts that could be use to fix other games. So I had to leave them the Marquee' Florescent lamp, speaker, coin door, coin box, power supply, and the button from the control panel. A monitor "cap kit" and all the previously mentioned parts are all this machine should need.

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Atari Tempest

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