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"I use to ride with a vending machine repair man,
he said he'd been down this road more than twice."
~Sheryl Crow

As typical as this is going to sound, it all started when I was a child. My father started collecting jukeboxes in 1969, and somewhere along the lines of my youth I picked up the bug for coin operated games. I fondly remember going with my dad on new adventures to find the next treasure for his collection. When a new treasure was found the fun began, Dad would fix all the complicated electronics and I would get all the little odd jobs, like waxing chrome, or vacuuming the insides.
Starting Young
What a cute Record Player!

The 1998 Games Department
The one... the only...
The 1998 Canobie Lake Park Games Team!
Many years later, I went to Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School (What a name!) and studdied electronics/robotics as my trade. I continued my education after high school at an electronics school in Boston. The electronics I had watched my father repair as I was younger were suddenly not as complicated as they use to be. I got a job at Canobie Lake Park, a local amusement park, where I worked for over three years as the lead Technician for the games department. Basically if it was coin operated I was in charge of keeping it running. From twelve player water gun games, to pinball machines, to Skee-ball, to arcade games.

Today I have a more “Grown Up” day job, but over the years I've met a lot of great friends in this hobby and even got a few of my friends interested in it. With the help of my lovely wife, Chrystal (The Twilight Zone Queen,) our daughter Raychel (The Pinball Princess,) and enough friends and family to fill and arcade, Shoot Again Amusements specializes in the repair and restoration of arcade games, pinball machines, jukeboxes, and more!

Teaching Her Everthing Mom Knows
The Twilight Zone Queen and The Pinball Princess!

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